Property and facilities management is one of the most significant functions of NW RFCA. Through professionally qualified staff, NW RFCA is responsible on behalf of the Ministry of Defence for the upkeep of over 40 tri-Service Reserve Forces’ sites and Cadet centres. This impressive portfolio of properties provides the vital footprint and hub for all Reserve and Cadet activity in the region.

NW RFCA maintains the Estate to the required legal standard, ensuring that all sites are kept in good condition, fit for purpose and secure. Through their estate expertise and local knowledge the NW RFCA Infrastructure team aims to provide an attractive environment in which to recruit, train and ‘refresh the spirit of our volunteers’.

Another major part of the team’s work includes home adaptations in the region for men and women who are serving with or have served with the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force and who have been injured in the course of their duties. To date, NW RFCA has carried out 33 home adaptations in the North West for servicemen and women. The aim of the programme is to provide normality in the home by altering the home to suit the individual’s needs.

The Reserve and Cadet Estate is also available to hire for your event or business meeting through Alternative Venues North West.

NW RFCA headquarters new build update

On 21 October building work will commence at Altcar Training Camp as part of a 10 month project which will see NW RFCA headquarters staff move into a new two storey office building located near the main entrance of the camp. Regular project updates will feature on this page.

Current programme of works up to the New Year

The first two weeks of the project predominantly involved getting the site set up with office cabins and designated parking for the contractors. From then we have had the spoil removed and site levelled. 

During mid-November the main bulk of works involved dewatering and installing the piled foundations. The dewatering is required due to the high water table in Hightown and involves pumping the ground water for a period of 6 weeks. The piling works involved driving steel piles approximately 25 metres into the ground this then enabled us to install the main ring beam and reinforced concrete slab to receive the steel structure.

As we enter the New Year then the main bulk of activity will be delivering and installing the steel frame and laying the brickwork up to the first floor.

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