NW RFCA headquarters new build update

Following the winter storms experienced in February this year followed by a 6-week period of coronavirus enforced shutdown, the new NW RFCA headquarters building project has suffered a setback as a result.  This is of course not unexpected and does not impinge on any other plans or projects but we are likely to see a consequent delay in the occupation of the new building into the early autumn.

Since the return of Whitfield & Browns (W&B) workforce on 27th April we have seen a concerted effort to reduce the delay as reasonably practicable, however we must remain cognisant of the fact social distancing is in place thus meaning a significant reduction in manning, these are unchartered waters for the construction industry.

That said, in the last 4 weeks we have seen the completion and installation of the following:

  • External Brickwork
  • Internal Studwork & Electrical 1st fix
  • Large roof lantern

In the next 6 weeks we will also see the installation of the curtain wall system, windows and car park hardstanding. We would of hoped that the installation our biodiverse roof would now been complete but W&B have experienced difficulties in getting a deliver date tied in, we await further details on a proposed installation date.

A revised completion date from Whitfield & Brown is due to be received formally in the coming weeks.

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