Altcar Training Camp

Altcar Training Camp is owned and managed by NW RFCA as one of the UK’s premier facilities for small arms marksmanship training. The camp lies at the estuary mouth of the River Alt, towards the southern end of the Sefton Coast sand dune system, twelve miles north of Liverpool in the village of Hightown. The estate covers 620 acres of range and dry training areas, and 500 acres of beaches and sand dunes which are available for training when there is no live firing.

The site is used extensively by regular, reserve and cadet units from all three Services for military and civilian activities and training. Altcar annually averages at around 110,000 “head on beds” each year, with another 12,000 daily visitors throughout the year.

In 2023 there were 505 bids submitted (Regular – 110, Reserve – 170, Cadets – 225).

As at 30 April 2024 there have been 384 bids submitted for this year (Regular – 84, Reserve – 132, Cadets – 168).  

Altcar Training Camp Mission

Is to make Altcar Training Camp and its ranges and training areas available to support the training requirements for:

  • Regular units/organisations
  • Reserve units/organisations
  • Cadet units/organisations – SCC, ACF, ATC & CCF

And to enable irreducible spare capacity to be used for:

  • Other Government Departments e.g. Police & other Emergency Services
  • Other users through the Alternative Venues initiative e.g. Civilian Rifle Clubs and other organisations

In addition to the above, be prepared to provide accommodation and training facilities for operational surge activities/requirements

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