The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for the North West of England and the Isle of Man (NW RFCA) is the organisation which facilitates, supports and promotes the Reserve Forces of all three Armed Services and the three Cadet organisations in the region.

Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers choose to serve, giving their time and commitment to their community and our country. They rely on and deserve the support of a network of dedicated organisations staffed by people familiar with their environment who understand the context of their contribution and have their interests at heart. The 13 RFCAs provide this point of contact around the United Kingdom, and at a national level through the Council of RFCAs (CRFCA).

NW RFCA has a membership of over 200 experienced professional people interested in Defence. These include the Commanding Officers of Reserve and Cadet units in the region; selected naval, marine, military and air members who are serving or retired Reserve and Regular personnel; and, representative members from local government, universities, employers, employees and the Cadet organisations. Together, the Association Membership of NW RFCA advocates on behalf of Reservists, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and cadets in the region, ensuring that they continue to thrive with the support of their local communities, employers and schools.

The Chair’s 2023 Report

We are delighted to present this year’s NW RFCA annual report, which is available to view. The report provides an comprehensive overview of the work we have done over the past 12 months to support the Reserve Forces and Cadet Organisations across the North West. The report is a testament to those who support Defence in their businesses, communities and networks.

Click to view the report here.

If you would like to view the report in a different format, please email [email protected]


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