University Officer Training Corps

The University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) are similar to a university club but operated by the British Army. Their focus is to develop the leadership abilities of their members whilst giving them an opportunity to take part in military life whilst at University. UOTCs across the country assess and train students who want to improve their future employability whilst at University and, more specifically, develop themselves as leaders. Furthermore, with the increasing number of good degrees being attained by students, it is necessary to recognise the importance attached to “degree plus” activities that set graduates apart in a very competitive post university job market.

Pay & Commitment

UOTCs structure their training programme to suit the academic timetables of partnered Universities. The minimum annual commitment that UOTCs usually ask for is 12 mid-week training evenings, 8 weekends and a 2-week summer camp early in the summer holidays. The majority of activities that a student completes with the UOTC will
be paid and students can expect to earn approximately £1,660 per academic year. However, many students take the opportunity to train more frequently and thus earn extra pay.

Leadership Qualifications

As well as achieving success in academic studies, students can also work towards highly rated national leadership qualifications whilst at University as members of the UOTC. The successful completion of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst training Modules A and B can be achieved by the second year of University thus making a student eligible for a City and Guilds Leadership Award.  This valued and nationally recognised qualification proves that a student has demonstrated leadership and management skills to any future employer.

Sport, Social and Adventurous Training

The UOTC provides its students with the opportunity to develop inter-personal skills and make new friends using military training, sport, adventurous training and social events. During a student’s time at a UOTC they will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of incredible Adventurous Training opportunities, whilst also gaining professionally recognised sporting qualifications. In an average year UOTC students have the opportunity to ski, sail, climb, play a variety of sport, travel the world, attend mess functions and to organise their own social events – often being paid to do so.

North West Officer Training Regiment

The North West Officer Training Regiment comprises Liverpool University Officer Training Corps (LUOTC) based in Liverpool and Lancaster and serving all universities in the region outside Greater Manchester, and Manchester & Salford Universities Officer Training Corps (MSUOTC) based at University Barracks Boundary Lane and serving all universities in the Greater Manchester area.

Reserve Forces