University Air Squadron

The 15 University Air Squadrons have a long tradition of offering flying training to undergraduates, a chance to experience life in the RAF and the opportunity to bring out university students’ potential. Joining a UAS will provide the perfect introduction if you’re a student considering an RAF career, whether in a flying or ground-based role in the Regular or Reserve forces. There is no obligation to sign up and by getting involved you’re making no further commitment other than your time and effort. The training and personal development you receive will give you a head start in whatever career path you choose. However, should you decide that the RAF is for you, and many do, there are various sponsorship schemes available to ease the financial burden of university life.

The North West of England is home to Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS) and Manchester & Salford Universities Air Squadron (MASUAS), both based at RAF Woodvale on Merseyside.

Reserve Forces