Royal Naval Reserve

As a member of the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) you could be giving vital logistical support to ship crews, sending detailed signal information to merchant shipping, or planning the landing of an amphibious task group.
Being a Royal Naval Reservist offers you a fantastic way of life. Where you’re financially rewarded for your commitment. Where you’re an indispensable part of the armed forces. Where you will almost certainly experience the excitement and responsibility of being deployed.
It takes dedication, ambition and enthusiasm but there is no better way to get a taste of a life without limits.

HMS Eaglet is the Royal Naval Reserve unit associated with Liverpool. The unit is immensely proud to continue the Royal Navy’s long maritime heritage on Merseyside.
Based within the superbly appointed Naval Regional Headquarters, the unit’s long association with Merseyside was formally recognised on May 2nd 1993: the unit was awarded the Freedom of Entry into the City of Liverpool.

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