Fixed Small Arms Ranges (OSP Stages 1-3 and Stage 4 – Transition to TLFTT):

10 Full bore ranges:

A Range Pistol ranges (12 lanes air compressor targets) M Range Pistol & Rifle (5.56mm only) (10 lanes air compressor targets) B Range (38 Lanes) 300 yards C Range  (23 Lanes) 600 yards D Range (8 Lanes) 500-1000 yards I Range (15 Lanes) 200 yards K Range (12 Lanes) 100 yards CGR (12 Lanes) 400m (SARTS converted) ETR (12 Lanes) 100-300m (8 Lanes) 400-600m (SARTS converted) MMTTR (6 Lanes) 100m (SARTS converted) Small bore range 25m (indoor, 3 Lanes)

Live Firing Timings and Restrictions:

Firing times:

Sun-Thurs: 0830 – 1530hrs Friday: Range Maintenance day Saturday: 0830 – 1530hrs Night firing: April to Sept: Dusk –2359hrs October to March: Dusk – 2200hrs (one months’ notice required)
Reserve Forces