Conservation at Altcar Training Camp Since 1977, a Conservation Advisory Group has supported the management of the Altcar estate, giving advice to ensure that nature conservation sits alongside military training. Altcar Training Camp is part of the Sefton Coast, a wild stretch of beaches, dunes and woodlands lying between Liverpool and Southport. This is the largest dune system in England and an area of immense biodiversity value, home to many rare species and unique habitats. As part of this coast, Altcar is a genuine sanctuary for nature, the foreshore danger area giving protection to thousands of passage and over-wintering birds, the dunes provide a home to internationally protected species such as the Sand Lizard and Natterjack Toad, and the more recent woodland plantations harbouring the nationally rare Red Squirrel. For more information please read the Altcar Training Camp Booklet.
Altcar Training Camp

Altcar Training Camp: a unique wildelife habitat on the Sefton Coast

Due to its wide range of habitats and relative lack of disturbance, Altcar Training Camp is particularly rich in wildlife. The foreshore and dune area is of international importance and is protected as part of the Sefton Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), therefore every effort should be made not to disturb flora or fauna in this area and to stay away from ponds and scrapes. The meadows, ponds and woods which make up the remainder of the estate are listed as a Site of Local Biological Interest by Sefton Council. For more information about conservation and Heritage at Altcar, download our booklet: Altcar Training Camp  The Camp and Range complex is designated a conservation area and is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, therefore no digging or dumping of waste material is permitted. The Camp Commandant is responsible for the management of the land within the ranges and dry training area. Use this land with care and consideration for those who will follow.    
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