Ubique 300 – The Captain-General’s Baton visits the Isle of Man

April 29, 2016

On 1 May 2015 the men and women of the Royal Artillery, officers and soldiers, Regular and Reserve, embarked upon an exciting journey to circumnavigate the globe in an Easterly direction carrying a Baton, which Her Majesty The Queen has graciously agreed to be named the Captain-General’s Baton, to Mark 300 years of the Royal Artillery. On Monday 9 May, the baton will be visiting the Isle of Man and tour the island.ubique-01

The Baton’s tour of the island will include a fanfare upon its arrival at the airport at 0910hrs, visits to Castle Rushen, Tynwald Hill and Peel Cathedral in the morning, and visits to Ramsay, Snaefell, Tromode and Douglas in the afternoon.

The Baton’s route across the globe was chosen to take it through Commonwealth and Allied Artillery countries and those countries of significance in the 300 year history of the Royal Artillery, and was characterized by endeavour, ambition, adventure, historical reflection and sporting challenge. The circumnavigation has visited 24 countries, across 44 different legs, and involved well over a 1000 officers and soldiers of the Regiment.

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