Pass off parade for new Yeomanry

April 28, 2017

Tprs Michael Alker, Ross Harrison, Martin Holland and Adyan Joyce from B (DLOY) Sqn QOY based in Wigan attended and passed their Common Military Syllabus (Reserve) Phase 1B (CMSR), which took place at the Army Training Unit (North East), located in Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Strensall near York in March 2017.

Photo above: (l-r) Tpr Ross Harrison; Tpr Michael Alker; Maj Glen Miller, OC B Sqn QOY; Tpr Adyan Joyce and Tpr Martin Holland.

Although all the soldiers did well in all aspects of the course, Tpr Alker was awarded the best overall recruit in the fitness level section. He remarked after receiving the award: “This is something I strove for throughout the course, I have always been very fit and having played and trained hard at rugby league from being a schoolboy to joining the Army Reserve, it gave me the stamina and foundation I needed to do so well”.  

Tpr Holland said: “The course was very arduous at times, however you just have to get stuck in with your mates and help each other through the ups and downs of it.”  

Tpr Michael Alker with Maj Glen Millar, OC B Sqn QOY

Tpr Michael Alker with Maj Glen Millar, OC B Sqn QOY

Tpr Harrison, who only recently joined B Sqn in Wigan from the Royal Anglian Reserve Regiment after relocating to the area through work commitments, said: “I had only just joined the Royal Anglian’s before I had to up-sticks and move to Wigan because of my job. I really did think my Reservist career was over until I found out that a Yeomanry squadron existed in the place I now had to settle down in. They really threw me a lifeline in allowing me to join them and I can’t believe that I have managed to do so much in a very short space of time. Having come through my basic soldier training I can now concentrate on the next phase, which is my trade training and becoming a RWMIK driver and operator; I am really in heaven”.   

Tpr Joyce, who hails originally from Glasgow and works as a chef in a popular Wigan restaurant, thought by swapping the heat of a kitchen for a part time career with the Reserves would provide him with opportunities to challenge himself, learn and develop new skills he thought he never had. He said: “Sometimes you have really got to throw yourself into something new to find out who and what you really are.  I joined the Army Reserve to do just that and now that I have completed this first chapter of what will be hopefully a long career I can start to really enjoy what the Army has to offer me.  I will now direct all my spare time and effort into completing my trade training and once this has been achieved I will then look towards bigger and better things, like operational tours and adventure training in other parts of the world”.  

The CMSR course is an intensive training package that includes the basic military skills required to become an effective soldier who can fulfil their role within the Army Reserve.  It incorporates military terminology, weapon handling and shooting, drill, physical fitness, field tactics, map reading, how to wear uniform and general military knowledge. It is an intensive course that requires the recruit to show considerable determination and courage to succeed.  The course is very challenging but enjoyable and concludes – for those who pass – with a prestigious Passing Out Parade in front of family, friends and unit representatives who will also celebrate and share the success with them.