North West Reservists commission from Sandhurst


Seven North West Reservists have commissioned as Officers from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Congratulations to: 2Lts G Robertson, FL Dickson and J Cook, who were university Officer Cadets with the North West Officer Training Regiment (NW OTR); 2Lts J Wain and N Williams, 4th Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (4 LANCS); and, 2Lts J McCully and N Rylance, 75 Engineer Regiment (75 Engr Regt).

The new Officers of 75 Engr Regt and 4 LANCS are pictured with their Commanding Officers, Lt Col ADM Windram TD RE (left) and Lt Col JL Tancrel (right), and Assistant Commander HQ NW Col RG Hughes (middle).

It is a great achievement for the individuals who have shown determination, endurance, moral courage and proven leadership ability. Many of these skills will be mapped across into their civilian lives and job roles.

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