Cadet Forces Commission


In July 2016, Her Majesty The Queen approved the principle of establishing a new Cadet Forces Commission. It will be a new Commission designed specifically for all Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) Officers to acknowledge the national youth leader role they perform, whilst continuing to recognise the traditional values, standards and strong links with the Armed Forces.  CFAV Officers will continue to attain the range of cadet force ranks they currently hold from Second Lieutenant to Colonel.

Under the new commission, CFAV Officers will continue to benefit from many of the privileges currently enjoyed, e.g. access to officers messes etc.

The aim is that from 1 Apr 17 all new officers will be appointed to a Cadet Forces Commission; there will be transition arrangements for current CFAV officers. With the new cadet force commission will come new Terms and Conditions of Volunteering (T&COV). These will be outside the Armed Forces Act and Defence Reform Act.

Single Service Cadet Force Regulations will contain all relevant details on the Cadet Forces Commission and T&COV which are currently spread across a significant number of JSP and sSvc publications.

The Cadet Forces Commission is one strand within the overarching Cadet Forces 2020 Strategy. This strategy aims to deliver a progressive and coherent cadet experience that develops and inspires our youth. Further work relating to recognition of non-Commissioned Cadet Force Adult Volunteers will be undertaken as part of CF2020.

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