Employer Recognition Scheme

The ERS recognises organisations who pledge, demonstrate and advocate their support for the Defence community, and align their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. Nominees should note that fulfilling the criteria does not automatically mean an employer will receive an Award. Nominations need to go into detail on reasons why employers should be recognised.

In 2017, the Gold selection Board may deem an employer to be more suitable for a Silver Award. In these cases, the nomination for that employer will be moved to the Silver selection Board for consideration. In a similar way, a nomination for an employer at the Silver level may be moved up to Gold Board for consideration if that is deemed appropriate.

Could you nominate an award winner in 2017?

Nominations for the annual Gold and Silver ERS Awards can be made by third parties. They can be made by employees within that company or by others that simply know of good reasons as to why a company should be nominated. Companies and organisations can self-register for Bronze Awards throughout the year, and begin the process of demonstrating their commitment at any time of their choosing.

Deadlines for this year’s nominations are as follows:

Bronze Award – throughout the year

Silver Award – 15th March 2018

Gold Award – 15th April 2018

Nominations can be made via the ERS website…

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