Individuals in the Reserve Forces – known as Reservists – are ordinary men and women who give up their time to train and serve alongside the Regular Forces. As members of the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), Royal Marines Reserve (RMR), Army Reserve and Royal Auxiliary Air Force (RAuxAF), they are an important element of the nation’s total defence capacity.

They are called upon as individuals for their specialist skills or as ready-formed units whenever required. Like their Regular counterparts, Reservists receive world-class training – which means they can carry out the same roles to exacting high standards. As a Reservist, you’ll have the training and opportunities to develop unparalleled skills and personal qualities that will also help you in your civilian life. You’ll also meet likeminded friends, keep fit and travel. Being a Reservist gives you the chance to balance the adventure of serving with the Armed Forces with work and home life. With a minimum commitment of just under 30 days a year, you’ll also receive financial reward including pay and expenses for evening and weekend training, and pay equivalent to Regular rank when on operations. In addition you’ll also receive an annual bonus.

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NW RFCA supports Reservists of all three Services based in the North West of England and the Isle of Man. Alongside the regional Chains of Command and through the Association Membership, NW RFCA engages with local communities in the region to increase understanding of Reserve service and strengthen links with local units.