Wigan Yeomen learn about road safety with Greater Manchester Police

February 6, 2017

By Sgt Phil Bailey, PSI B (DLOY) Sqn QOY

B (DLOY) Sqn QOY, based at Kearsley House Army Reserve Centre in Wigan, recently requested the presence of Greater Manchester Police Road safety team to help pass on the knowledge of safer driving on roads.20170118_213859

Traffic PCSO’s Janet Magee and Cate Aspinall from Greater Manchester Police and part of Eccles Traffic Network Station arrived on one of the unit’s regular parade nights to talk about the effects alcohol and using mobile phones while driving can have on a driver. PCSOs Magee and Aspinall are part of ‘X Department’ Spec Ops within the police force, supporting Road Safety units, Hi Vis patrolling, assisting in Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs), speed enforcement and events and shows.

PCSOs Magee and Aspinall joined the police force on the same day in 2002 and have been together in the same department ever since, sharing the same passion for road safety. The Eccles Traffic Network Station was created when the Greater Manchester Combined Authority asked the police to start educating children in schools about the dangers of drink-driving and distractions when behind the wheel. Project Safe Drive Stay Alive was started in 2013, primarily to educate 17-24 year olds of the dangers faced when driving.

During the session in Wigan, each soldier went through a scenario showing them the dangers of drink driving or texting, finishing with a competition scenario of emergency braking at 40mph, at which Tpr Worthington achieved the shortest distance at 30.7m. However, he does not hold a driving licence, which surprised the Training staff and officers in the Squadron!

The session went down very well, with great feedback from the soldiers, including: “it was a good reminder of the distractions that you face in day to day driving”. It also made people more aware of travelling on roads and the potential outcomes.

For more information about the QOY and how you can get involved, visit http://www.army.mod.uk/armoured/regiments/26881.aspx