The Row 3000

Inspired by the efforts of HMS Oardacious, a crew of 4 submariners who managed to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic, Sea Cadets nationally decided to take on the challenge.

Setting out to collectively row 3000 miles over the course of a weekend. Units began organising various events and ideas started to formulate for a suitable venue in which units from across the North West could take part together.

Weighing in at 65,000 tonnes, a large ship named HMS Prince of Wales was due into Liverpool over the same dates as the Row 3000 event. HMS Prince of Wales measures 280 metres in length, 70 metres wide and is set to carry 36 F35B Jets as well as upto 40 helicopters.

Over 130 cadets and cadet force adult volunteers took part in the event. Everybody involved was lucky enough to enjoy a full ship’s tours taking in sights such as the flight deck, medical bay and galleys. Furthermore, the cadets we awarded the privilege of joining RN personnel in the mess to enjoy lunch.

On Sunday 1st March, we were joined in the final hours by the Area Officer, Cdr Bagot-Jewitt and Captain Sea Cadets, Captain Phil Russell. The general atmosphere around the rowing area was great with cadets motivating each other to each do their very best. In total, Sea Cadets all over the country endured blood, sweat and blisters to complete over 5,600 miles. A fantastic effort to all involved.

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