Shooting Competition

April 23, 2014

Chindit (West Cumbria) Company of Cumbria Army Cadet Force were visited by the Leader of Allerdale District Council, Cllr Alan Smith and the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Len Davies, during their annual small bore shooting competition at the Army Reserve Centre in Workington. They were hosted by Capt Su Wilkinson, the Company Training Officer, who explained the benefits of Army Cadet service and the many activities offered to young people by the organisation.

Cllr Len Davies, Deputy Mayor, presented the Aspatria Detachment team with winners’ medals and the trophy for first place. Medals were also presented for best overall shot L/Cpl Martin Bell, from Aspatria, and best female shot, L/Cpl Jessica Broster, from Cockermouth.

The Company Shooting Officer, Lt Max Hutton, organised the competition and ran the range whilst identifying potential candidates for the County Shooting Team. Max explained that small bore competitions are an excellent way of selecting members of the County Shooting team because the principles of marksmanship are the same for any calibre of rifle and, unlike in the past, there is so little recoil from the current full bore rifle that
the cadet need not worry about adjusting to it. The other two companies in the county use company small bore competitions to identify excellence and select for the county team.

Photograph: 021:

Left top Right: Rear Rank Deputy Mayor; Lance Corporal Martrin Bell; Cadet Ben Fearon; Cadet Rees Pattinson; Cadet Will Huntler; L/Cpl Jessica Broster; Lt Max Hutton.
Front Rank: Cpl Andrew Charlton; Cadet Terance Bellerby; Cadet Josh Brook; Cpl Josh Blair.