Rochdale boost for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers


Cadet Force Adult Volunteers working for Rochdale Borough Council will be allocated additional Annual Leave after the authority extended its Reserve Forces Policy to cover all Adult Instructors with the Cadet Organisations.

From this month all Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, serving with the Sea Cadet Corps, the Army Cadet Force or the Air Training Corps, will be granted an extra ten days paid leave to attend Cadet camps and training courses whilst working for the council. Previously they would need to have used personal holiday entitlement for the training, but this change now gives them the same leave entitlement as Reservists.

Mike Glover TD, Commandant Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force Colonel, said: “Adult Volunteers with the Army Cadet Force use much of their spare time, including evenings, weekends and a two-week annual camp, to help young people in the Army Cadets achieve their full potential. It is a tremendous boost to morale for this to be recognised by Rochdale. This policy includes and will be greatly appreciated by that dedicated band of volunteers who give up so much time to training of young people in the borough.”

Wing Commander David Forbes DL RAFVR(T) added: “Cadet Force Adult Volunteers give up so much time when volunteering. This policy will allow more instructors to attend training and annual camps which will benefit the cadets. Rochdale Borough Council has been breaking the mould for some time regarding the support it offers to the Armed Forces family and I hope organisations and local authorities across Greater Manchester and nationally follow Rochdale’s lead.”

Councillor Richard Farnell, Leader of Rochdale Borough Council, said: “The Cadet organisations offer so much for young men and women all across the UK. These organisations cannot operate without Adult Volunteers who give up so much free time. By implementing this policy we hope other organisations follow our lead. The Armed Forces Covenant is an important document which builds a bond between the Community and the Armed Forces family.”

Rochdale was one of the first councils in the country to sign the Armed Forces Community Covenant in November 2012, aimed at encouraging local communities to support services that promote and encourage activities that help integrate Armed Forces personnel into civilian life. It also encourages authorities to work more closely to support those in service and their families, ensuring there is no disadvantage associated with serving in the Armed Forces.

If you are interested in getting involved with Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force, either as an Adult Volunteer or as a Cadet, call 01204 512600.

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