RAF Cosford visit for Kings Leadership Academy

Combined Cadet Force members from the Royal Air Force Contingent at Kings Leadership Academy in Liverpool recently got to experience life as member of the Royal Air Force, when they visited RAF Cosford in Wolverhampton.

On Tuesday 5 – Wednesday 6 March, Cadets in Year 9, 10 and 12 of the school got see the RAF in action at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering.

The programme was crammed with visits to the various sections on the station including the No. 1 Radio School and No.1 School of Technical Training. Here they were able to engage with Regular service personnel and ask any questions about life in the Royal Air Force and the challenging roles that they undertake to keep the UK airspace safe. During the afternoon visit, they were able to look at Survival Equipment, Avionic Systems, Aircraft Engineering and a Sea King Helicopter. Many of the cadets are aspiring to a career in a engineering and so understanding how the military uses STEM trades to enable and support operations was useful in broadening their understanding of both the RAF and STEM overall.

Day two saw the Part 2 Cadets visit the RAF Museum, where they developed their understanding of the principles of flight and better understood the history of both the RAF and the development of aircraft. Cadets engaged in interactive activities in the ‘Test Flight’ area and even got a ride in the 4D Simulator. The Part 3 Cadets put their marksmanship skills to the test and engaged in Live Firing, using the Cadet General Purpose Rifle, on the 25m range.

The Cadets all enjoyed the chance to immerse themselves into service life for the 2 days.

One Year 10 Cadet said “It’s given me a greater understanding of what the RAF does as I didn’t realise what goes on behind the scenes in the RAF”

For more information on the Cadet Expansion Programme or Combined Cadet Force in the North West – Contact the Schools’ Cadet Expansion Officer, Flt Lt Jez Kent on [email protected].  

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