NW Reservists Mobilised to Support the National Response to COVID-19

In support of the UK Governments fight against COVID19, the Government authorised the mobilisation of up to 3000 Reservist personnel.  Reservists are delivering a range of Defence outputs, including support to the NHS and other key tasks including: liaison officer roles; the provision of specialist skills and reinforcement of Regional Points of Command.  Defence has not mobilised reservists employed in medical, welfare or other key worker roles.

To-date, personnel mobilised in the NW are from the following units: 611 (West Lancashire) Sqn RAuxAF, 4 MERCIAN B Coy in Widnes, RNR (HMS Eaglet) and RMR Merseyside. In addition to those mobilised, a number of Army Reservist are employed on Reserve Service Days in support of essential activities.

In terms of Employer Support, units are in direct communication with the employers of mobilised personnel.  Our Regional Employer Engagement Directors are also on hand to support employers and units as and when required.

We appreciate and value our positive relationships with employers across the North West and thank them for their ongoing support.

Reserve Forces