Meet Trevor Duggan – NW RFCA Infrastructure Compliance Manager

Meet Trevor Duggan our new Infrastructure Compliance Manager who has joined us this month. We put Trevor in the hot seat to discover his experience and find out about what he is looking forward to in the role.

What skills and experience do you bring to the role? 

I have been within construction Health and Safety for over 20 years. I spent some of my time training in safety whilst working for the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). Whilst here, I also managed to get to work for a brief period at the London Olympics during construction. I have worked for both large and local construction companies.

I started within the regular Army from 1984 until 1989, in the Royal Signals. I then joined the RLC Reserves for a further 19 years and made my way over to 611 Squadron RAUXAF in 2014. Whilst at 611,I am a MT (Mechanical Transport) driver of a variety of vehicle platforms, including aircraft refuelling and other airfield vehicles.

Trevor and 611 Squadron members at the Southport Air Show

What are the biggest tasks you will be addressing?

The main challenge will come from the ageing infrastructure. 

From my perspective, compliance is partly to do with the protection of personnel and the protection of the organisation from any forms or litigation. I also need to keep ahead of any changes to legislation and the requirements.

What excites you most about the role?

I enjoy meeting people and discussing ideas but above all I enjoy keeping people safe. I also like the challenge of thinking about what new and upcoming legislation can be used to worker smarter and not harder.

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