Manchester Army Cadets join ‘the running fox’


Wednesday 13 June 2018 was a momentous occasion for 5 (ANZIO) Company Greater Manchester Army Cadets, and especially Wigan Kings Royal Hussars Detachment.  This was the last time they would be on parade wearing the brown beret and eagle cap badge of the Kings Royal Hussars. Twenty cadets and four members of staff from the detachment were rebadged to Queen’s Own Yeomanry (QOY), nicknamed ‘the running fox’.

The QOY has four Squadrons commanded from Regimental Headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne; A (Yorkshire) Squadron, B (Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry), C (Cheshire Yeomanry), and C&S (Northumberland Hussars).  The Regiment, originally formed on 1st April 1971 as 2nd Armoured Car Regiment, was a fully equipped Armoured Car Reconnaissance Regiment.  Cheshire Army Cadets also has a Detachment badged QOY, who are affiliated to C Squadron.

This occasion marked the first official rebadging of an Army Cadet detachment in Greater Manchester.  The event was attended by the Mayoress and Consort of Wigan, Col Sharman Birtles the Honorary Colonel of Greater Manchester Army Cadets, Colonel Paul Irvine the Commandant of Greater Manchester Army Cadets, B Squadron QOY’s Honorary Colonel RC Assheton TD, and the newly appointed Officer Commanding B Squadron QOY Major Alec Mckenzie. The salute was taken by Lieutenant Colonel Julian Smith, Commanding Officer of the Queen’s Own Yeomanry.

Over 200 guests attended the evening, including cadets from 5 Anzio Company and Greater Manchester Army Cadets’ very own Corps of Drums, who delivered the evening’s entertainment.  The cadets, now described as QOY Ambassadors, also hosted the delivery of a buffet and drinks prior to the event and afterwards.

Not only did the Cadets get rebadged, but Staff Sergeant Instructor Townson, Sergeant Instructor Berry and Sergeant Instructor Anderson from Bolton RA Detachment were awarded with Certificates for Praiseworthy First Aid by the Army Cadet Force Association.  The staff were awarded this achievement after dealing with a seriously injured motorcyclist and a motorist who was the parent of a cadet.  The staff delivered lifesaving first aid to the motorcyclist who hit the car with such an impact that the motorbike broke in two.  Along with this presentation, Lance Corporal Birchall from Wigan Detachment received a well-deserved promotion to full Corporal.

By Sergeant Instructor Louise Townson, 5 (Anzio) Company Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force

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