Lancashire ACF on the road in Barbados

Over the Easter holiday 12 Army cadets from Lancashire took part in an exchange with cadets in Barbados. The aim of the camp was adventure, fun, exchange of culture and best practice. While on the island the cadets took part in military training which included weapons training then live firing the MP5 on the range, saving lives at sea training by the Barbados Coast Guard, an open water sea swim were they were dropped in the ocean at the half mile mark and had to work as a team to get back to shore. Four cadets also completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold residential with completion of a community project within the local Geriatric Hospital.

Cadet Regimental Sargent Major Oliver Pallister said “It was the best experience I have ever had, not only the tasks we were given but I now have friends in Barbados that I will keep for life”. When asked what was their favourite part of the trip all cadets agreed it was swimming with the turtles.

This trip has established the affiliation the Barbados Cadet Corp and we are hoping this exchange is now an ongoing process. The Barbados Cadets are hoping to join Lancashire ACF in 2020 on their annual camp at Wathgill, North Yorkshire where they will also have once in a lifetime experiences. 

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