Katie Ireland

International Women’s Day 2019 case study

As an Officer Cadet at Liverpool Universities’ Officer Training Corps, I have gained fundamental life skills that have equipped me for my future and developed me as a person. The leadership and management qualities, having the ability to make decisions under extreme pressure, and working as a team in mentally and physically exhausting conditions have given me skills and confidence which I hope to enhance in my ambition to become an Army Officer. In my time in the OTC, I have been on exercises in Germany, played and continue to play for the Army Reserves Women’s Football Club, and worked with and visited a variety of regiments in the Army. 

In my civilian life I am a third year English student at the University of Liverpool. I spend time analysing pieces of literature, discussing books, plays or poems, and working with other students to understand hidden meanings. As well as analysing Literature, the Language element of my degree allows me to study linguistic features of the English Language. The practice of discussing and working with other students has strengthened my capabilities in providing supported arguments as well as gaining the confidence to project my ideas and opinions.

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