Jo Eccles – Deputy Commandant Lancashire Army Cadet Force

International Women’s Day 2020 case study

“I have been a member of Lancashire ACF for the past 22 years. I was not a cadet however my brother was a senior cadet at the time and he asked me to help out at the detachment as they needed female support.

In my day job I am a Neurosurgical nurse practitioner within Royal Preston hospital. I manage the in-patient case load for 6 consultant neurosurgeons which is a very busy demanding job.

I have recently been nominated for an MBE whilst I was the company commander of Salerno Company, we had just over 300 cadets and 40-50 adults.

I was also in charge of a number of the extra activities arranging the expeditions to sea kayaking trip to Cornwall, the Great Glen Way and the Barbados exchange. I was also tasked with the Quick Win AT program and in three years complete over 600 days of AT for Lancashire ACF.  When we took the cadets on any of the activities I always ensured that I took part to show the cadets that if I could do it so could they. I enjoy enhancing the cadet experience for Lancashire ACF”

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