Full support package for employers with reserves deploying to Oman

The RFCA is advising employers how to access the full package of support available if they have a member of staff who is a reservist joining the British Army’s deployment to the Middle East later this year.

Reservists from the North West are expected to take part in the four-month deployment to Oman which will get under way in September and continue until December.

It is the first deployment to take place under a new approach which will see the Army switch the contribution of reserves to support a long-term presence in key strategic regions – including Oman in the Middle East and Kenya in Africa.


Reserves’ vital role

“ With an end-to-end deployment of four months, we are acutely aware that our reserves need the backing of supportive civilian employers,” said RFCA Regional Employer Engagement Director Vicky Doran

“That’s why we want to make sure all employers know we understand the sacrifice they are making whenever a member of their team is deployed on military duties and that they will be offered a full package of support from the Ministry of Defence, which includes guidance and advice from the RFCA whenever they need it.

“Reservists make an essential contribution to the UK’s national security and the Government’s vision for Global Britain switches the focus of their contribution to one in which they support the changing global threat. That is why the partnership between the defence community and employers is more important than ever and the RFCA can provide an easy point of contact if employers have any questions or concerns.”

Support from the MOD

If employers have a reservist who is being deployed, the Ministry of Defence:

  • pays the employee’s salary and pension contributions while they are deployed.

It also helps with:

  • the cost of a temporary replacement if it is more than a reservist’s salary (up to £110 a day)
  • advertising costs and agency fees for finding a replacement worker
  • overtime costs, if other employees cover the work
  • up to 75 per cent of the costs of providing specialist clothing for the replacement worker (up to £300)
  • training costs for the replacement (up to £2,000)
  • extra support for small and medium-sized businesses (up to £500 per month).

For further support The MOD’s toolkit for employers is also available.


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