Farewell to Major Nick Carpenter

We caught up with Major Nick Carpenter before his retirement to wish him farewell and to chat through his career. Nick has had unbroken service with the military from October 1971 until his retirement date in December 2019.  He started his military career with the Royal Marines in October 1971 and left to start with Cheshire ACF in July 2002.

What has been the biggest challenge during your time at Cheshire ACF and how did you overcome this?

One of the challenges is the ever changing training needs and the safety implications that accompany this. I always remained focused and endeavored to put myself in other peoples shoes.

What is your most memorable occasion while in Cheshire ACF?

A Millennium Party in 2002. It was a spectacular affair at Capesthorne Hall, a big marquee, disco and a huge firework display. The Cadets were all safely sent home on buses and the adults were to come back the next morning to remove everything and tidy up. Unfortunately, the wind picked up over night and when the adults returned the next day, the tent and party items were blown away, all over East Cheshire!

What have your enjoyed most during your role as a CEO?

Seeing the young people who join the organisation from all walks of life and watching them develop in model citizens. 

Have you an big plans for when you retire?

Major Carpenter was happy to report that when he retires, he has plans to travel a lot, spend time with his grandchildren and play golf.

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