Engagement team update – July 2022

The team has had another very busy period of work. Since our last instalment we have grown to 7 staff.  We’ve taken on 3 new team members, Chris, Gary and Louisa, all of whom are bringing new skills and talents to the team and are from a variety of backgrounds.  Gary and Louisa are both Regional Employer Engagement Directors (REEDs) with Chris working to support the team in the Employer Engagement Administrative Officer role. 

With the team growing we took the opportunity to review the allocation of county areas the REEDs look after.  This review will allow us to provide a better service to the business accounts as having the additional staff will no longer mean the previous two REEDs (Jan and Vicky) won’t be stretched in managing the accounts.  The REEDs areas are now more balanced with them having the following areas of responsibilities:


  • Jan Cox – Merseyside and the Isle of Man
  • Vicky Doran – Greater Manchester
  • Gary Oakford – Cumbria and Lancashire
  • Louisa Blakemore – Cheshire
  • Liz Lloyd – Young – to support Jan and Louisa
  • Chris – to support Vicky and Gary

Employer Recognition Scheme Update

Recently both the ERS Silver and Gold Award panels have sat and deliberated over the business submissions.  We are delighted to inform you the North West has received 52 ERS Silver Awards, inc a number of revalidations.  More recently the North West was informed we have 23 ERS Gold Award winners.  We are incredibly proud to be working with all of these award recipients and lots of credit must go to Jan and Vicky who worked tirelessly with the employers to ensure their award submissions were as good as they could possibly be.

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