Employer engagement update

The Engagement teams activity remains at pace with the REEDs working side by side with the regions businesses preparing their submissions for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Awards at both Gold and Silver levels. 

To date the team has received 21 full Gold submissions with a further 41 Silver Expressions of Interest, 5 Silver revalidations and 3 new submissions from the Defence Relationship Management team.  This surge in workload is in addition to their day to day Zoom meeting with businesses to discuss Armed Forces Covenant issues, whilst preparing for the ERS Silver Awards in November, talking with the Gold Award Association to arrange a virtual event in May and presenting Covenant and Employer related matters on Local Authority Armed Forces Forums.

Jan Cox (REED – South) said – ‘It’s been a very busy but rewarding period.  Witnessing the growth of commitment and collaboration between businesses across the North West is inspirational, and makes my role all the more rewarding’

Vicky Doran (REED – North) has been working with the Blue Light services and said – ‘This month I have met with a number of Emergency Services across my patch, and look forward to having a full complement of supportive “Blue Light” organisations in the future as I build relationships with key personnel’.

Jan Cox and Vicky Doran

In other news, the team remains connected with the regions Lieutenancies and is arranging the annual round of Lord-Lieutenant’s Awards across the counties.  To date, we have provisionally agreed dates with Chester, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.  As we emerge from lockdown and businesses start to open for face to face service we hope to confirm and add additional dates to the engagement calendar. 

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