Crewe Army Cadets come to the rescue


The quick thinking of three Army Cadets helped avert disaster during severe weather in Crewe. The cadets rushed to the aid of a woman whose car was trapped under a tree which had blown across the vehicle. The cadets hadrecently been learning first aid with adult staff at Crewe Detachment, Cheshire Army Cadet Force, and quickly put into practice their training by making a call to the emergency services and administering the correcttreatment for shock to the lady involved. The trio then proceeded to divert oncoming traffic until the emergency services arrived. Adult Instructor Jennifer Carpenter was very proud of the cadets putting their skills to use and has nominated them for a first aid award from the ACF.

Photo, from left to right: Reece Quinn aged 14, Bradley Griffiths aged 13 and Lewis Griffiths aged 14

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