Copley Academy Commissioning Ceremony


Staff and students at Copley Academy in Tameside were very pleased to welcome Captain Sea Cadets, Capt Phil Russell RN, to their school on 3rd February. The Captain was there to accept their newly established Sea Cadet Unit into the MSSC by way of an official Commissioning Ceremony.

Set up as part of the Cadet Expansion Programme, Copley Academy Sea Cadets has been running since September 2014. The unit is led by instructors from Tameside Sea Cadets, in partnership with the school, and students are given the opportunity to experience a varied Sea Cadet programme.

Commencing the ceremony under their new Ensign, the Copley students looked almost unrecognisable to their teachers, standing to attention in navy blue jackets and white caps. Seated in front of the new mast in the school hall, parents and teachers, as well as local councillors and the Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Cdr (SCC) Janet Evans RN, looked on with pride as one of the Senior Cadets guided the squad through their well-practiced Colours routine. The newer cadets were even unfazed when asked to complete an impromptu ‘about turn’ at the Captain’s request.

Once the Captain had finished talking to each Cadet and had given a speech outlining all the opportunities that are available in Sea Cadets, the squad filed off to their classroom where one of the cadets gave a presentation about their experiences over the past 17 months. Showing some impressive photos of their adventures as well as a lengthy list of their achievements, this Senior Cadet expressed with pride what the unit meant to her and the other cadets.

Deputy Head, Mrs Lorna Moore, closed the celebrations with a speech congratulating the cadets on such a superb display of their accomplishments to date, and also thanking Lt Cdr (SCC) Graham Broadbent RNR, and PO (SCC) Richard Hampson for all their efforts and dedication in running the Sea Cadet unit in school.

Both the Captain and Mrs Moore were then delighted to receive a beautifully crafted knot board, each of which had been designed and put together by the cadets themselves.

By 1530hrs, rewarded with a delicious spread of refreshments and a few photo opportunities with the Captain, the cadets were finally able to remove their caps and congratulate themselves on a job well done, having had their ‘ship’ placed in active service.

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