Commandants Course

Three senior ACF Officers from the North West attended the Commandants Course at Fort Blockhouse, near Portsmouth in mid-November.   The mandatory course is designed for the development of Officers above the rank of Major, heading up to the role of Commandant.  It provides the opportunity for training and discussion around the progression of an ACF County, the CFAV team and the Cadet experience they deliver.  The overall intent of the course was to considered the changes and knowledge required to lead and manage the County HQ and communicate with the Regional HQ and local dignitaries.  Sessions were also delivered by staff from Regional Command who were leading the training, communications and engagement for the Cadet Forces, giving the most up to date briefing of progress and developments.

Right to left Major C Edgerton, (Merseyside), Lt Col J Eccles, (Lancashire),  Lt Col C Harrison (Greater Manchester) and Lt Col R Diss, (Cumbria).

The officers from Merseyside, Lancashire and Cumbria were also working with Lt Col Harrison, a Deputy Commandant from Greater Manchester, who was delivering training on the course, sharing great experience in the areas of team development and mentoring.  The concurrent attendance of four CFAVs at the course from the North West region provided the opportunity for ideas and discussions to be had, relevant to their local area and situations.   No two counties are the same but the challenges and framework of the ACF is.  The course was dynamic and adaptable to the needs of the group and benefitted the students with an up to date briefing on current changes and direction in the ACF world.

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