Altcar Training Camp to support injured servicemen and women

July 20, 2015

The team at Altcar Training Camp have set aside a secluded part of the camp with the aim of installing 4 accommodation ‘PODS’ for the use of injured servicemen and women as part of their recovery. Service personnel will be able to come and stay for short periods in an environment that they have been used to, and help the process of them making progress with their injuries. They will have a chance to chat to the staff and enjoy the unique wildlife and scenery, all helping with their recovery.

Hightown residents visit the site

Hightown residents visit the site

The 4 PODS will be self-funded, and one has been promised already. ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is donating a second one.

To celebrate the strong links between the residents of Hightown and Altcar Training Camp staff, a delegation of local residents met at the camp to give their support to the project. Col Mark Underhill, Chief Executive of NW RFCA which runs the camp, plus Camp Commandant Lt Col Gordon Black and Altcar member of staff Steve Hunter, appointed Site Manager, spoke to the party and took them to the designated area to give them an idea of the whole plan. Besides the 4 PODS, there will be a parking area, ablutions, a kitchen area, fire pit and BBQ. When not being used by servicemen and women, the PODS will be available for small parties of cadets, or Regular and Reservist personnel training at Altcar.

Priority will be given to wounded, injured or long term sick servicemen or women, who will be selected through the Military Personnel Recovery Unit.

The Hightown Residents who made the visit made a pledge that they would like to be involved in the project, and sincere thanks are expressed to them.

Additional sponsors are still being sought for the project, which will require bedding, kettles, TVs and other items.

If you can help or support, please contact Lt Col Gordon Black, Commandant Altcar Training Camp, who would be delighted to hear from you, either by calling 0151 929 2539 or emailing [email protected]