Altcar Training Camp staff cycle length of country in Formby

January 8, 2016

By Maj Roy Bevan

Three staff from Altcar Training Camp recently cycled the distance from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, 874 miles, all in the warmth of the Tesco Supermarket in Formby on Merseyside!TESCO CYCLE 113

Steve Hunter, Ben Hooton and Tony Davies-Musker, who is also a Reservist with 125 Fd Coy REME, manned three exercise bikes in the store. Starting at 0600hrs, between them they hoped to cover the total distance by midnight. Two extra bikes were available for members of the public, friends and family to join them for a mile or two.

The aim of the exercise was to raise money for four ‘PODS’ to be installed at Altcar Training Camp for the use of injured soldiers, providing a haven for short stays in a familiar and restful environment to help them progress with their rehabilitation.

TESCO CYCLE 078Col Mark Underhill, Chief Executive NW RFCA, his wife Debbie and her parents all took a turn, as did the Commandant of Altcar Training Camp Col Gordon Black and his wife Val.

At an astonishing 2030hrs a cheer went up as the team achieved the full distance early, raising £1,368.

The project of the four PODs at Altcar Training Camp is self-funded, with funds so far for two and plans to eventually install a total of four, and there’s been great support for the project so far.