Air Cadet One Step Closer To Pilot Dream

Flt Sgt Martin

Flt Sgt William Martin, an Air Cadet from Hartford, Northwich, was recently awarded a 12 hour Flying Scholarship in Dundee, Scotland.

Flt Sgt Martin was awarded the scholarship along with 185 other Air Cadets for 2014.  This was following a successful written application process, where Flt Sgt Martin wrote about his hobbies, his contribution to the Air Cadets and his future aspirations in aviation.

The scholarship, funded by the Air Cadets, helped Flt Sgt Martin achieve a standard where he could fly the Grob Tutor aircraft on his own, an incredible achievement for a 17 year old who has only just passed his driving test.

Flt Sgt Martin said: “I learnt the skills required to start, taxi, takeoff and land the aircraft, all without an instructor present.”

“I most enjoyed the solo flight, as it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.  The skills and experience will help me greatly in my future career.”

Flt Sgt Martin wishes to become a commercial airline pilot and is currently in the process applying for jobs.

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