AGM 2016 and Chairman’s Report


On Friday 24 May 2016 over 100 Association Members attended the NW RFCA Annual General Meeting at Altcar Training Camp on Merseyside.

The President of the Association, Lord-Lieutenant for Greater Manchester Mr Warren Smith, addressed members and touched upon key issues from a challenging but fruitful year. Reporting on a busy and varied year of activity, the Lord-Lieutenant highlighted a few especially significant areas of work.

First was the creation of the Army Reserve Centre on the Isle of Man where, after a HQ 42 Inf Bde & HQ NW initiative a multi cap-badge recruiting surge took place last summer. As a result of the success of the recruiting surge on the island, NW RFCA was tasked with providing the infrastructure for the Isle of Man Reservists to train – mainly midweek but also at weekends. With the invaluable support of the island’s Armed Forces Champion (who is also the Minister of Home Affairs) and the Honorary Colonel of the Isle of Man Army Cadet Force, NW RFCA arranged the use of the Isle of Man sports centre for a couple of months whilst a permanent home for the Reservists to parade and train in was secured. With excellent co-operation from the Manx government there is now a dedicated and fully functioning Army Reserve Centre in Douglas.

Gp Capt Gavin Hellard, Inspector RAuxAF, addresses NW RFCA AGM

Gp Capt Gavin Hellard, Inspector RAuxAF, addresses NW RFCA AGM

The second area highlighted by the Lord-Lieutenant was the work undertaken as a result of the floods that devastated parts of Cumbria and Lancaster at the end of 2015. Sadly, Reserve and Cadet infrastructure was badly affected and considerable damage was caused.  With quick response, properties were shored up and within days £500,000 was made available from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation.  This was outstanding news for the Army – but sadly not so for the Sea Cadet Corps.  Today, the repairs are nearly complete but the Sea Cadet Corps are still trying to raise money for their Training Ship hut that was hit by over a metre of flooding.  As we all know, the funding streams for the Sea Cadet Corps are different from the Reserve Forces, the Army Cadet Force and the Air Cadets.

The NW RFCA Annual Report is now available to download

The NW RFCA Annual Report is now available to download

The Lord-Lieutenant also reminded attendees that NW RFCA was nearing completion of the annual Lord-Lieutenants’ Awards ceremonies across the region, and to date these had taken place in Chester Town Hall for Cheshire, Sedbergh School for Cumbria, Towneley Hall for Lancashire, and Gorton Monastery for Greater Manchester.  Liverpool Town Hall for Merseyside was to take place on Tuesday 28 May, and lastly the Lieutenant-Governor’s residence on the Isle of Man for those Cadets and Reservists on the island would take place at the end of the summer.  The Lord-Lieutenant reflects on the opportunity the awards provided to recognize the quite outstanding work of Reservists, Cadets, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and those members of civilian staff who have helped facilitate the outputs of the Reserve and Cadet Forces.

Following the conclusion of the formal part of the AGM, Mr Warren Smith welcomed a number of guest speakers who addressed Association Members. These were:

  • Maj Gen John Crackett, Director Reserves
  • Gp Capt Gavin Hellard, Inspector Royal Auxiliary Air Force
  • Lt Col Phaedra McLean, Commanding Officer 6 MI Battalion
  • Cdt RSM Eve Salter, Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet for Merseyside

Finally, Association Members who attended the AGM received a copy of the NW RFCA Annual Report, which is also available to download…

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