ACF PR Training Team – 20th anniversary


by Lt Col Steve Taylor, ACF PR Training Team

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 20 years since the very first ACF PR course. St George’s Cadet Training Centre at Altcar Training Camp on Merseyside hosted that inaugural workshop and, fittingly, it also hosted the 20th anniversary event.

In 1995 we started out with a handful of overhead acetates and a cassette recorder. Now the team of media, communications and marketing industry professionals who make up the PRTT, supported by some high-performing former students who assist in course delivery, travel fully-laden with all manner of gadgets from SLR cameras to a digital radio studio. How times have changed!

What has never changed though is the willingness and enthusiasm of the students to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the courses. Over 2,500 people have been through the Introduction to PR workshop – many have returned for the specialist courses and the results are clear to see not just in the media output, but in the professionalism of the events, newsletters and other PR activity that does so much to support the reputation of the ACF across the country. 

It’s been a privilege to work with all our students and, importantly, to be able to create the spark in CFAVs that unlocks their desire to do great work on behalf of the ACF.  

After 20 years we also look forward to our annual return to Altcar. It’s good to see students who attended the very first course as AIs and junior officers return as senior officers still with a passion for ensuring that the ACF does the best it can to manage public relations activity.  

The courses are consistently well supported by students, NW RFCA and the staff at St George’s CTC and we are always grateful for the warm welcome each year. We also like to think that in some small way, over the years, after a long day at the sharp end of media training, the refreshments enthusiastically enjoyed by our students in the mess bar helped pay for the splendid extension!

The ACF PR Training Team provide specialist training for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers including the Introduction to Public Relations, a must for any volunteer pursuing a media role with their unit. For more information about courses, search on Westminster or contact NW RFCA by emailing [email protected] or calling 0151 727 4552.

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