4 LANCS and their Coronation experience

The 4th Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment were immensely proud to participate in Op GOLDEN ORB, the coronation of HRH King Charles the 3rd. Captain Jackman, part of the colour party, wrote an account of his experience:

“For the Coronation, 4 LANCS was honoured to contribute four members for a 4 LANCS Colour Party and seven personnel to the Regimental marching contingent.

After spending a few months preparing our equipment and undergoing two drill weekends under the guidance of 4 LANCS RSM, we were fully prepared to begin the official rehearsals for Op GOLDEN ORB.

4LANCS colour party practice at RMAS

The rehearsals were impressive, featuring units from all corners of the British army and the Commonwealth. We rehearsed extensively, covering a considerable distance in our well-polished shoes, and it was enjoyable to witness the spectacle unfold each day.

The rehearsal at night was also brilliant to witness. Before hitting the streets of London, we cleaned our equipment with a lint roller (or two) and gave our boots a final water polish. As we marched across Westminster Bridge under a moonlit sky, the sound of Big Ben ringing and our footsteps striking the pavement created an unforgettable memory. Indeed, the Wellington Barracks car park was an impressive sight too, with thousands of troops arranged with precision inside the two-storey car park. During the night rehearsal, we realised how exceptional the Coronation would be.

We woke up at 0200hrs and headed to the trains for our journey into London on the big day. As we made our way towards Wellington Barracks in our finest uniforms, we couldn’t help but notice the growing crowd along the route. After having breakfast at Wellington Barracks, it was time to begin. As we marched along the parade route, the rain began pouring down. Despite the weather, our excitement remained undiminished.

4 LANCS conducting the Royal Salute

The Colour Party had the privilege of giving the Royal Salute to His Majesty as he passed by Queen Victoria’s monument. Following a spine-tingling rendition of the National Anthem by the grandstand, the parade proceeded. It was a surreal experience to be in such proximity to His Majesty as he passed by in the carriage.  

We are very proud and grateful for the opportunity to represent the Battalion. These memories will stay with us forever, and we appreciate the support that was given to us in getting ready for the historic occasion.”

Captain Jackman

Reserve Forces