156 RLC host NW RFCA Annual Stakeholders Conference

Earlier this month over 60 representatives from NW RFCA, North West Army, Navy, Marine and RAF Reserves met, along with Cadet leads from across the region. The annual event, held by NW RFCA brings together our users in a format which ensures that information is shared and we can be asked questions regarding any aspect of our provision.

This year, we decided to take the event “on the road” – just a few miles away at Sir RG Masters ARC – Bootle. The team at Bootle, along with Vicky Doran – Head of Commercial Operations at NW RFCA,  embraced the opportunity to showcase their site and demonstrate how the Alternative Venues initiative has brought benefits to their site.  All users were invited to use an online system to raise questions during the presentations, and these were answered in a dedicated Q&A session at the end of the morning.

We invited attendees to provide feedback and received some really positive results!

100% of attendees thought that the venue was well presented.

88% of attendees found the presentations relevant and informative.

90% of attendees thought the Q&A session was useful.

The day provided a great opportunity to hear from our customers and how we can best support them and the Reserve and Cadet Forces they work with. We look forward to 2021 conference.

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