Two senior cadets for Bury Detachment


To have one Army Cadet who has attained the rank of Cadet Company Sergeant Major (CSM) in a detachment is a testament to the hard work from both the cadet and the detachment staff. Bury Detachment Army Cadets can boast having both the Cadet CSM and the Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) in post at the same time, albeit only for one night!

Cadet CSM Lewis Stephenson (pictured right) has held the rank of Cadet CSM since January 2017, making him the senior cadet for Minden Company – a company of about 150 cadets. Lewis recently took his final parade at Bury Detachment.

Following this year’s Annual Camp, held at Crowborough in Sussex, another Bury cadet was promoted to Cadet RSM. Cadet RSM Cameron Flanagan (pictured left) was given the prestigious promotion at the final county parade by the County Commandant, Colonel Paul Irvine. The Cadet RSM is the senior cadet within the whole of Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force, comprising 1,750 cadets. To gain this accolade, RSM Flanagan had to be interviewed by the County Commandant and the Adjutant, Major Tasker, as well as being recommended by his company commander and gaining several cadet qualifications.

The role of Cadet RSM is an important one within the organisation – responsible not only for cadet discipline, but also as a conduit between all the county’s cadets and the Adult Volunteers.

Lewis Stephenson has been a cadet at Bury since he was 12. In the intervening six years he has managed to gain not only the rank of Cadet CSM but recently was awarded the prestigious Master Cadet following an intensive course at Frimley Park in Surrey.

Cameron Flanagan has also been a cadet since he was 12, and not only has he attained the rank of Cadet RSM but is also the Drum Major in the newly formed Corps of Drums.

Bury Detachment parades twice a week on Tuesday and Friday evenings, between 1830 and 2100. The Corps of Drums parades each Wednesday between 1830 and 2100. Cadets should be aged 12 and in year 8 up to the cadet’s eighteenth birthday.

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