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As a volunteer with the Reserve Forces you receive the same basic rates of pay as your Regular counterpart whilst you are on duty.  You may also be entitled to travelling expenses.

There are three qualifying pay period:

  • A whole day's pay for duties of eight hours duration or longer.
  • A half day's pay for duties of four to eight hours duration.
  • A quarter day's pay for attending duties of two to four hours duration.

Example of Territorial Army Minimum Daily Rates of Pay :

Officers Level
Officer Cadet £39.27
Second Lieutenant £62.07
Lieutenant £74.61
Captain £95.61
Major £120.44
Lieutenant Colonel £169.03

Soldiers Level As of April 2010
New Entrant   £34.41
Private * 1 £42.91
Lance Corporal * 5 £51.90
Corporal * 1 £66.58
Sergeant 1 £75.68
Staff Sergeant 1 £83.78
Warrant Officer 2 5 £90.90
Warrant Officer 1 1 £97.34

*or equivalent rank

Pay is subject to tax and the deduction of National Insurance contributions which, under certain circumstances, may be reclaimed. Pay varies according to rank, trade and type of commitment.

Annual Bounty

In addition, you can receive a tax free bonus, known as a bounty. The bounty varies depending on your unit and commitment but the majority start with £395 per year, rising to £1,556 after five years satisfactory service. To earn your bounty you have to attend a minimum amount of training, including your two week annual camp, and have passed certain basic military tests.


(All Bounties are subject to meeting annual training requirements)

  1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 5th Year
Group A - Higher Commitments £424 £934 £1,443 £1,674
Group A - Lower Commitments - £515 £800 £934
Group B - Officers Training Corps £146 £169 £205 £205
Call out gratuity £509      

Sponsored Reserve

Sponsored reserve bounty is based on the group A full training bounty, the rate varying between 50% and 100% of the new rates according to the new training commitment.

Training Nights

Attendance on training nights is paid at the rate of one quarter of a days pay for each training night attended.

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