Current job vacancies at NW RFCA and partner organisations will be listed below:

Regional Employer Engagement Director 2 (REED 2), NW RFCA, Gladstone House, Altcar Training Camp

A full time vacancy is available immediately for a permanent Crown Servant position (Grade C2) in the role as the Regional Employer Engagement Director 2 (REED 2), based at Gladstone House, Altcar Training Camp, Hightown, Liverpool L38 8AF. This post was originally advertised as the REED 2 post – part time. MOD (RF&C) and DRM CRFCA have agreed that the post can now be changed to a full time role. The post will be primus inter pares with the REED 1 post (same grade).

The REEDs outputs are to further the Government’s objectives at regional level by delivering a coherent employer engagement programme to support Defences’ purposes, aiming to establish enduring relationships and positive support with both public and private sectors in the NW RFCA area The principal output is to assist in creating the environment which will encourage employers to support Reservists from the three single Services in order to meet Defence Requirements.

The REED 2, along with the REED 1, is the RFCA’s lead on/focal point for the delivery of the employer engagement outputs specified by Stakeholders and is responsible, through the Chief Executive, for the region’s compliance with the national Defence Relationship Management (DRM) Business, Marketing and Communications Plans.

For more information and instructions on how to apply, download the vacancy notice and job description via the links below.

Word-Icon Vacancy Notice: REED 2, NW RFCA

Word-IconJob Description: REED 2, NW RFCA

The closing date for applications is 1300hrs on Friday 22 June 2018. Applicants will be informed by 1700hrs on Friday 22 June if they have been shortlisted for interview.

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