Camp & Bed Capacity

697 beds including VIP accommodation

Dry Training Facilities

Dry Training Areas x 3

OBUA /TIBUA Village: “Williamsville”

IED Lane

Rail Head (Logistical Ops)

Shanty (Dry CQB)

Confidence Training Facility (CTF)


Clay Pigeon 10 lanes down the line

Other Facilities

Armoury x 4

Explosive Store Houses (ESHs) x 10

Sefton and Gladstone Mess

Dining Room/Kitchen

Red Rose Club


MI Room

Enhanced Dismounted Close Combat Trainer

 Range Conference Room

 Visiting Unit offices & stores


 Drying rooms

 Vehicle parking areas


Sports Pavilion

1x Football Pitch

1x Rugby Pitch

1 x General Purpose Field

Obstacle Course

 Command Task area

Reserve Forces