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Britain's Armed Forces rely heavily on the contribution made by the Volunteer Reserve Forces (VRF). They serve alongside their Regular colleagues and are vital to our ability to expand our forces if necessary, as shown during operations in Iraq.

Reservists could not carry out their important role and train to the high standards of professionalism required, without the co-operation of employers.

When SaBRE was set up in 2002, by the Ministry of Defence, we were given a dual remit:

  • To liaise between organisations and any members of their staff who belong to the VRF, with the aim of enhancing employer/reservist relationships.
  • To support employer of reservists, by providing information and advice on any relevant issues, and giving them a sympathetic ear and a strong voice within the MoD.

How can we help you?

SaBRE offer active support in many different areas, which are all potentially important to employers with Reservists among their workforce. These include:

  • Providing information on everything from a Reservist's training obligations to an employer's legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Giving general advice.
  • Offering practical solutions, which can help you to accommodate the demands of VRF membership more easily.
  • Putting you in contact with people who can answer specific enquiries.
  • Promoting your organisation as a 'best practice' employer.
  • Hosting events, such as seminars and Executive Stretch- our weekend team building exercise.
  • Lobbying on behalf of Reservists and their employers.
  • Raising awareness of Reservists skills and qualities, and their tangible benefits to employers.

How can you help?

If you are supportive of Reservists and sympathetic to the aims of SaBRE, you can play your part in two ways and, in doing so, help make the business of employing Reservists more straightforward and rewarding for yourself.

  • Membership of the VRF demands a real commitment. A commitment that becomes doubly demanding without an understanding employer. Registering, as a Supportive Employer and establishing a clear HR Policy on Reservists are the ultimate demonstration of your backing for these important individuals. But every example of co-operation is valuable and much appreciated.

  • The better we can understand the attitudes, needs and concerns of those who employ Reservists, the better we can support you. SaBRE isn't just about disseminating information, it's about establishing a dialogue with employers. By responding to our questionnaires, by joining in consultation processes and, above all, by giving us spontaneous feedback through the various channels available, you can do a lot to help us help you.
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